Full Service Consulting

We provide a full suite of consulting and software development services:

  • General Application Development

  • Twilio API and Flex Custom Software Development

  • MAC/Maintenance Support for most Avaya products

  • Support and Custom Development for Avaya Contact Center and CTI applications

  • MAC/Maintenance Support for most Cisco UC products

  • Support and Custom Development for Cisco CCE, CCX, Finesse and CVP applications

  • Telecom Hardware Auditing

  • Support and Custom Development for Genesys T-Server and PureCloud applications

  • Google Dialogflow ES/CX and other Conversational AI Consulting and Software Development

Interactive Voice Response and Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Talkpath provides simple IVR features for touch tone digit call prompting but we also provide best of breed artificial intelligence enabled virtual assistants. Our IVA functionality integrates with Google’s Dialogflow, Microsoft’s Azure Bot Service, and Amazon’s Lex. We also provide custom fulfillment services to support IVA fulfillment tasks like processing payments, updating records and providing database record lookups. Contact us to schedule a demo today!

Bring Your Own Device

We support most any SIP device available on the market today. We also have the ability to provide custom support for legacy Avaya and Cisco phones via our dynamic on-premise TFTP services that provide a cloud based management interface for these legacy devices.

Feature rich enterprise unified communications

Whether you are new to internet phone systems or looking for a provider to achieve your business goals, Talkpath has all of the features you need to support your unique business, all at a competitive price.

Calling Features:

  • Call Hold

  • Call History

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to Email

  • 3-way Calling

  • Call Transfer – Attended

  • Call Transfer – Blind

  • Call Forward

  • Follow Me

  • Caller ID

  • Call Waiting

  • Message Waiting Indicator

  • Missed Call Indicator

  • Multiple Calls Per Line

  • Shared Line Appearances

Elastic SIP Trunking

Want to keep your current telecom equipment, reduce your current per line costs, all while positioning your company to easily grow beyond your current PBX limitations?  Converting your traditional ISDN/PRI phone lines to SIP trunking to provide cost savings and add flexibility.


  • TLS Signaling Encryption

  • SRTP Encryption

  • Elastic Ports

  • Tier 1 Carrier Connectivity

  • Number Portability

  • Local/Toll-Free/Short-Code Numbers

  • Tie Trunking/Peering Connectivity

Texting continues to grow in popularity and customers want to engage with your company via texting

Our unified communication platform is SMS/MMS enabled.  Talkpath can provide local, toll free and short code SMS/MMS enabled numbers. We also have the ability to create custom solutions based on your business needs.

Old technology made reliable.

Talkpath’s proprietary faxing solution incorporates the latest protocol technology to ensure fax reliability all the way down to your office.

Take control of your customer engagement experience

Dedicated Call Center features designed to give you control of your customer engagement through call queues, custom call routing, call agent management, and reporting.  Call center features work in conjunction with our Virtual PBX solution and do not require additional investment.


  • Advanced Agent Ring Strategies

  • Custom Queue Messaging

  • Max Wait Time Handling

  • Queue Hold Music

  • Queue Exit Key

  • Agent Queue Login & Out

  • Click To Dial

  • Agent Whisper

  • Agent Eavesdrop

  • Agent Barge

  • Real Time Agent Status Reporting

  • Detailed Queue/Agent Reporting